Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New pieces for Vintage Marketplace.

Thanks so much to all the followers for their wonderful comments and welcomes to blogging.  It is addictive!  I am so excited to do the Nashville show in February and look forward to meeting all my fellow sellers there.
Ahhh, keys.   I am running low on these kind of old ones.  The mother of pearl on the far left is an old tie clip, to be used as the clasp for this necklace.  

Rhinestones and pearls collection.  More to come.
Just plain sweet.

Not sure what kind of old watch fob, but c.o.o.l.

beautiful glass rosary in heart shapes and a filagree button

Great for New Years Eve!

Large sterling pendant, stunning.

All carved Ivory.  The big center piece is a real rare find, came in a velvet box with the shape embedded, and a lid to keep airtight so it has not changed color yet....

one of my all time favs.  Old earring with glass leaves is the drop pendant, glass flowers above that with and pearl accents,  brass filagree and rhinestones, all on an old Coro book chain.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gearing up for TN!!

some inventory for the Vintage Marketplace show!

amazing button detail.

it's 5 o'clock somewhere......

sandstone and glass

love those keys.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Creations

I received a call from the most darling young man yesterday.  He was referred to me by my friend Leslie, the owner of Westerville Antiques in uptown Westerville, and he was trying to make a necklace for his girlfriend for Christmas.  When he came over, he has lots of bits and bobs, this and that, a chain, etc. and wanted to turn it into a sentimental gift.    After I was able to figure out his girlfriends style and preferences, then adding a couple of pieces, this is what was created.  I hope she likes it.

I later created these pieces.  Adding to the piles of others....
A wonderful 4 leaf clover belt buckle with some vintage beads.

This squirrel is a classic.
 This is a re-vampted piece from before.  I added the chains and ribbon, up cycled it a bit.
 This one is simple and cool.  I placed a vintage mother-of pearl button on the pendant drop, adding the vintage textured pearls on one side and a brass connector to the other.

Does anyone following this blog have any style creation ideas?  Pass them on, I can always use an inspiration.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some of the new pieces I have created.

A client in California requested some special order pieces and these (above) are what I am sending her.

Ok, Since the last show, the Scotts show after Thanksgiving, I have created a few new pieces.
I am so excited for the Tennessee show, will be working like a dog until show time.