Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bringing my 'Tiquin Buddies!

I just got a call from Mansfield Ohio.  Not from the prison, thankfully.  My friend Terry Osborne will be coming down to the Vintage Marketplace to help set up, sell and shop!!!  We have incredibly similar taste in goods and her added input for my booth will be greatly appreciated and welcomed.  Additionally, if she can help with sales that leaves more time for me to talk with the customers about my jewelry.  Kathy Stantz may also be coming down and she is an asset too.  I really look forward to having the help as this show is looking INCREDIBLY LARGE!!!!  Check out the website/blog about the show, in the top left of this page (The Vintage Marketplace).  And, here are some more pieces I plan to bring to the show....

Agate and an old button.

Vintage glass tubes and old brass pieces.  Simple and cool.

All vintage pieces make up this multi strand bracelet, a mother of pearl tie clip makes the clasp unique.

Stay tuned for more pictures, more creations and more Vintage Marketplace news!

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