Monday, January 23, 2012

Germany, wine and time.

Hello all. I made a quick run over the pond to Germany this past weekend with my husband. While there We did some shopping and...should I say...drinking. I actually drank a bit first, then shopped. Then drank more. Then stumbled back to the hotel. And by stumbled, I mean stumbled. German wine will kick your ass. My foot surgery in December did contribute to the poor pedestrian manners but the wine was the real deal. Anyhoo, I was lacking inspiration for creating new jewels before going to GE, now I am not. I went into a couple antique jewelry stores in Frankfort on Saturday and was beside myself. Seriously, it was almost like a religious experience(or what I believe would be a religious experience for an Atheist), I lost my breath on several occasions, afraid to look at the price tags. I did look on one occasion, and for that, sadness rained down on my newly colored hair. It is no wonder the Euro is in the shitter. I came home with a Steiff bear instead. I plan to return to the ancestrial homeland this summer, hopefully taking my sister Diencha, and shopping and drinking, and she won't tell me "No". I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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