Monday, February 13, 2012

A new day

Hello Sonja,  welcome.

I am getting started on my best far-away client, Kathleen Hairston, project.  She has entrusted me to do several pieces for her.  I have been putting it off until the Vintage Marketplace show was over and now I am devoting my week to Kathy.  Knowing that nothing else is on my plate to work on right away, I am going to WOW her with creativity.  Now, wheres my coffee?


  1. Thought about you this weekend. I was at an auction and they had a lot of keys (skelton and others.)I lost the bid -it went kinda high. Do you need more keys?

  2. Thanks thanks for thinking of me, my dear! I have some keys left still, but if you can get them super cheap- pick them up. They are so expensive anymore and the demand is high, people will pay a lot for them. Now, what I really want to get a hold of is a chandelier crystal with 3 holes. If you see any of those snag them up. I love to use them in necklaces as connector pieces.

    1. I will look for chandelier crystals as well. :)

  3. Love your cozy work space, especially the printers drawers. That must work great for all the different one of a kind goodies. Your booth space looked fantastic.