Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Vintage Marketplace Weekend

Whew!  What an awesome weekend.  I am so tired and my feet are hurting but my heart is happy and all is good at home.  My sister and Ellen were real troopers, kept me upbeat and were great motivators.  Unfortunately, they were such great sellers and spokespersons for my jewelry that I was gone from my booth often and purchased too much.  The sales were great and the feedback from the buyers was very positive; great jewelry, creative display, etc.  Several people wanted to take pictures of my display, which could only mean .....two things; it was great or it was not.  You decide.

Additionally, this is the only good picture ever taken of me.

I met some really great people at this show and have made friends with some of the most creative and supportive women I have ever known.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the first Vintage Marketplace.   I will be selling in Springfield Ohio at the May Extravaganza.  The Jenkins family have to work out the details of the venue for the Vintage Marketplace location within the Extravaganza, and I will let you know as soon as I do, but I plan on participating for sure.  I will be changing my business name; it will be......wait for it.....wait........
It is easy, simple, in your face, just like me.  It is usually mispronounced, caddy, like caddy shack.  Apparently the larger part of the population do not remember the fundamentals in their middle school english class.  Cady, pronounced like shady lady.  Call me Shady Lady Cady!

If you purchased something from me or the pretty Shady Ladies helping me, and you just now looked up my blog please leave me a comment on what you thought of the show and what you bought.  Follow me for updates on the next new pieces I am making and stay tuned for more changes to my bid-ness.


  1. Your display looks great!! I had so hoped to be there this weekend, but it did not pan out. Glad to hear you did so well!

  2. Had a ball in Hendersonville at the Vintage Marketplace. Bought your stuff. Tiffany...having a giveaway over at my blog palace~visit if you can!

  3. So pleased the show was a success and I plan on going next year. The display is very creative. Love the use of the old picture frames!